8 Jun 2011

Fear Not to Live in Our Own Hut

Pada Mei 2010, saya berusaha menterjemah sajak “Usah Gentar Tinggal di Pondok Sendiri” ke Bahasa Inggeris. Pada 7 Jun 2011, Amir Muhammad (penulis, penerbit, pengarah filem) membantu menyunting dan memperkemas versi Bahasa Inggeris sajak ini.

Kerja-kerja penyuntingan itu dilakukan kerana sajak ini – selain petikan cerpen “Cat” – dijadikan teks apabila saya menyertai Writers Unlimited Tour pada 10-12 Jun 2011.

Untuk makluman, sajak “Usah Gentar Tinggal di Pondok Sendiri” sudah diterjemah ke Bahasa Jerman dengan judul “Habt keine Furcht, im eigenen Land zu leben” dan termuat dalam antologi Tautan (2011).

Petikan cerpen “Cat” pula boleh dibaca dalam versi Bahasa Inggeris (“The Painted Cat”) dan Bahasa Perancis (“Le Chat Peint”).

Fear Not to Live in Our Own Hut

How to capture a dream

With our hands still chained

Faded are memories

Of the green land

Of the blood and sweat

Building this hut in the jungle

How to have a sense of self

If our children lack self-respect

As if the earth we stand on isn't ours

But just on loan

While waiting to be driven out

Don’t talk and talk and talk and talk

Of the fight to defend the nation

When our heart and soul are stained by darkness

Of how we fought, and gave, and stood

This is not about sheltering in a grubby little hut

While waiting for the rain to stop

And then to continue back to the glass palace

Not at all

But of the little hut we built together

The hut which belongs to all of us

Oh! Not just now but since way back

Since the foundation of this hut

To its present different form

Yes, this palace we built together

Not yours, yours, yours or yours or yours alone

But belongs by right to every citizen

Look at the walls – our blood

Touch the pillars – our bones

Smell it – our sweat

Listen – our tired heartbeats

Fear not to live in our own hut

And create generations

(Pengarang & penterjemah: Uthaya Sankar SB. Penyunting: Amir Muhammad.)