11 Feb 2023

The English Translation Project

In September 2021, I asked friends if I should get some of my Bahasa Malaysia short stories translated into English. At least 30 friends reached out to express their support.


“Definitely a good idea. This will reach more masses.” – Vicky Achuthan


“I think it’s a good idea but whether people will buy I am not sure what the book buying market is like these days.” – Ann Marie Chandy


“Great idea. I would buy.” – Anurada Murugesan


“Yes, absolutely a good idea! There are readers who have interest in this type of stories in English.” – Archana Divi Pillai


“Great idea. You have a following and people would surely buy and read.” – Mahi Ramakrishnan


“I think it’s a good idea. Definitely something you should do. And I think it would be interesting.” – Jonathan Edward


“I really think it's an excellent idea to translate your works to the English language. I, for one, would earnestly want to read even though I can read in two other languages. Kudos for a well thought plan and idea.” – Hanusuya Gunasegran


“Short stories are popular. It will be good to have a single translator. The person will get a real feel of your writing.” – Dr. Malachi Edwin Vethamani


“I think it’s a great idea! Your stories are mostly very engaging.” – Dr. Lalita Sinha


“Yes! I love the idea. It sounds exciting. Because of your stature as a published author in Bahasa Malaysia, I think people would be interested to read.” – Ann Lee


“Yes, I think your stories have a Malaysian flavor to it and by translating into English it would be made accessible to a larger international audience.” – Saravanan Selanduray


“I think it’s a great idea to translate your stories into English and definitely people would be interested to read because your writings are always awesome!” – Subashini Thiyagarajan


“I think it is a very good idea. It is about time you tap into the English readers market.” – Pragalath Kumar


“Good idea. People would be interested to read.” – Vignes Chandran


“It is a brilliant idea.” – Bissme S

“Great idea.” – Dr. Sargunan Sockalingam


“It’s a good idea! Go for it.” – Saras Manickam


“It is a great idea. I am sure many would be interested.” – Sumathi Muniandy


“Yes. It’s a very good idea.” – Evelyn Chua


“Translation is always, always, always a good thing.” – Rozana Isa


“Yes of course. Go ahead.” – Himanshu Bhatt


“Good idea for someone who loves expressing himself with words. For someone who started self-publishing books and kept doing it until he became one of the best.” – Jeevaraja Sandanam


“Wow! Surely a great idea. It will expand your audience.” – Patricia Clement


“Good idea.” – Anthony Charles Louis


“Yes, it’s a great idea.” – Anuradha Chelliah


“Yes, definitely. Would be good to get a wider audience and for people who have trouble reading in Bahasa Malaysia.” – Arun Tharma


“Definitely people will buy.” – KA. S. Annadurai


“I think this is a good idea and that people would be interested in reading it.” – Heidi Shamsuddin


“I would say go for it. This might open the door to a new group of readers.” – Veralona Mollon


“Yes, it is a good idea and I am sure many readers would support.” – Alexandar Dars


But the terrible flood in Taman Sri Muda (December 2021) temporarily halted my plan.

I wanted to revive the project in February 2023 and initially thought of publishing a book of five “cerpen” in English.

The translations would be handled by the professional translator Dr. Lalita Sinha, media expert Pragalath Kumar, and myself, while Amir Muhammad has (on 10 February 2023) agreed to be the editor.

Update (15 February 2023): I decided to include 5 more stories, as a few other friends were interested to translate one story each. Translators include Nanthini Muniapan and Roshini Muniam. Names shall be updated in the future. 

Send me a WhatsApp message at 011-11411952 if you would like to be kept updated about this project. I plan to publish the collection this year; maybe by September 2023.