10 Dec 2012

Thunder Demons

I am sure that most Malaysian who read novels in English are aware of Dipika Mukherjee’s novel, Thunder Demons (2011), which is not yet available in Malaysian bookstores for obvious reasons.
I wrote a very short review in Bahasa Malaysia. Please CLICK HERE to read the review.
Since the novel deals with many things Malaysian, it would be a pity if we are unable to get hold of a copy of this important novel.
Therefore, with Dipika’s help, I’m in the process of buying a few copies of Thunder Demons from the publisher in India.
If you are interested, do inform me ASAP since the copies are very limited and I want to pass them to the buyers ASAP too once I receive the package.
The novel (paperback) is priced at RM30.00 each. Kindly order before the You-Know-Who smells the news and this novel is officially banned in Malaysia! (Postage RM5.00 for Malaysia.) Limited copies only. According to Dipika (26 February 2013), Amazon sells this novel for US$29.75 (excluding shipping).
Please contact me personally at uthayasb@yahoo.com.my or Facebook message for pre-order and payment details. [SMS WILL NOT BE ENTERTAINED]

NOTE: I received 30 copies from India on 26 December 2012 and as on 26 February 2013, I have limited signed copies. Copies left, as on 30 March 2013: 0 (with the author's signature) and 1 (without the author's signature).