24 May 2012

Let us step together to create a new era

FMT LETTER: From Retna Devi Balan, via e-mail

Almost half a year has gone by. Many resolutions would have been made at the eve of the New Year and by now we would have either succeeded or faced another failure. Well, let’s put all of those aside. Most likely our minds are not burdened by any new resolutions. Most likely, we all have settled into a pattern of living.

I have a proposition; consider today as the beginning of a new age, not a new year but a new era. On this day, find a quiet place, preferably in the laps of nature such as a park, seaside or lakeshore. Look back at the past calmly. Just watch. No criticism, no regrets, just watch with a deep awareness. Become aware of how we have behaved, what we have done and what were our thoughts. Reflect deeply on the quality of live we have lived.

Truly speaking, ‘what if’ has no place in our lives. The Bhagavad-Gita says, “Everything that has happened has happened well. Everything that is going to happen will also happen well.” This concept is widely used by the modern age gurus to create an understanding that life has a pattern and its ultimate purpose is for each soul to realise itself and the human nature to attain a higher level of existence.

Each of us will look back and think that we could have changed something if we had done it differently. Today we are a little wiser than what we were five or 10 years ago. Never use today’s level of maturity to evaluate past decisions. At that time that was our level of knowledge and so that is how we behaved. Today we have changed so we think differently and therefore behave differently. Looking back at the past and thinking about ‘what ifs’ is like sitting on a rocking chair, gives us something to do but never takes us anywhere!

Whatever we do, however hard we try, we will never be able to change the past. It has taken care of itself. When we learn to accept this whole heartedly, we will grow stronger to face the present with an undivided mind. Living each moment with complete awareness is the greatest gift we can give ourselves. One great Zen master was asked, “What is the secret to a blissful life?” He replied, “Eat while you eat and sleep while you sleep.”

What exactly does that statement mean? It means complete awareness in whatever we are doing. It is not eating while watching television. It is not talking while eating. Especially it is not thinking of something else while eating. Same thing, when we go to sleep, just became aware of going to sleep, nothing else.

No planning for the next day. No thinking about what happened that day. If we have to do all of these then do them at least an hour before hitting the bed. The mind needs to shut down and go blank when the head reaches the pillow. Just relax and feel the pleasant sensation of drifting into sleep.

This applies to every aspect of life. Whatever is happening, give it the best attention and do it well. The action of awareness within ourselves will open up so many new dimensions for us. Our awareness will make us realise that though we think we are individuals, in reality we are all part of a collective consciousness.

Each of our thought, emotion, word and action contributes to the collective consciousness. The collective consciousness works on the basis of what we sow we reap. Please understand clearly that whatever is happening in our lives is actually happening through our choice but it was not our conscious choice.

Our subconscious mind is always working on something. That something becomes part of the collective consciousness. When there is enough energy to support that something then it manifests (happens) in the physical world. Perhaps some of us would have experienced a situation whereby something we feared very much comes to pass. Fear is a very powerful emotion. It has tremendous energy to attract. So when we fear something deeply that thing happens.

Understanding the mechanics of the universe is an entirely different subject. For the moment it is enough for us to start the process of becoming aware. The moment awareness awakens many unconscious process can be stopped. That itself will begin to change the quality of our lives. Learn to give out positive thoughts, radiate positive energy and slowly the equation in the collective consciousness will change.

Currently the collective energy is on the negative side because most people are living without awareness. Their fears and negativity is accumulated in the cosmic energy. As a result more negativity happens. We don’t even have to try to wipe out total negativity. It only takes 51% energy to tip the balance. If 51% of energy turns positive we will start seeing more good things happening.

It takes only a drop of poison to contaminate a barrel of milk but takes an entire ocean to destroy a drop of poison. (Also the core concept in the movie “Dasavataram” with Kamalhassan as the lead hero). My request to my friends and to all those to whom this message may be passed, let us live our lives with more awareness and spread the message of awareness.

If we find ourselves thinking a negative thought, then just say ‘cancel, cancel’ and replace it with a positive thought. If we find ourselves reacting in a negative manner, pray to God to remove that negative emotion and pray that our hearts be filled with love and peace for humanity.

Become aware of each word that is being used. In case a negative word comes up, say ‘stop!’ and replace it with a positive word. Become aware of each action so that it is in line with our awareness of creating positive energy. Let all of our thoughts, emotions, words and actions bring encouragement, peace, love and joy. Let us live with an open heart without fear and with nothing to hide.

Let us change ourselves to become ambassadors of positive energy. Let us step together to create a new era. Today’s change will build a better tomorrow. I wish all of us a happy beginning.