23 Jun 2011

Which Secret Panel Meeting?

“The decision (to amend only certain content [of Interlok Edisi Murid]) was made during the committee (panel) meeting so we only will follow that decision,” Datuk Dr Wee Ka Siong was reported saying in theSun, 23 June 2011.

I wonder which “underground secret panel meeting” he’s referring to!

The final decision was made during the meeting with the Education Minister on 23 March 2011. Dr Wee was not involved at all in any of the meetings: neither the Independent Panel meetings nor the final meeting with the Education Minister on 23 March 2011. Not to mention the controversial and manipulative meeting on 16 March 2011!

Any meeting by any quarter held after the Education Minister announced the decision regarding Interlok Edisi Murid at the Parliament on 24 March 2011 was – and must have been – solely to make sure all the 106 amendments were done accordingly as promised.

Therefore, I wonder where Dr Wee obtained such false information which he conveniently conveyed to the press. Please CLICK HERE to get your facts right, my dear friends.