19 Apr 2017

Superhero T-Shirts

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There is a range of superheroes to choose from to be printed in full colour on microfiber polyester Oren Sport T-shirts. [SAMPLE PICTURES HERE]

Sizes range from XS to XXXL. So, everyone gets a chance to wear their favourite T-shirt.

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A white T-shirt gives the best result of professional dye sublimation; a technique that uses heat sensitive ink which turns into gas and combines fully with the microfiber polyester material. The ink becomes part of the microfiber and does not fade or crack even after multiple washing.

For certain pictures with a dark background, other colour T-shirts are recommended.

The maximum size of the printing area (the full-colour picture) is A4 size. The picture can be in landscape or portrait position. Printing can be done either at the front or back.

Minimum order: 1 piece. [SAMPLE PICTURES HERE]

Price: RM35 per T-shirt. Kindly add RM7 if the T-shirt needs to be sent by PosLaju to any address in Malaysia.

Contact Uthaya Sankar SB to discuss further your personalised superhero T-Shirt. 

Offer ends on 31 August 2017.

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