1 Mar 2017

The Cultural Contribution of the Tamils

Every Tamilian (and non-Tamils too) should read this gem of a book.

The Cultural Contribution of the Tamils
C. Rajasingham
Manimekalai Prasuram (India)
2003 (Second Edition)
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“A people without history,
Is not redeemed from time, for history is a pattern
Of timeless moments.” T.S. Eliot

“Tamil is the most ancient language and progenitor of human speech. Kumarikandam, the submerged continent in the Indian Ocean, otherwise known as Lemuria, was the original habitat of the Tamils.” R. Madhivanan

“It is the Tamil tradition long before any other which knew that liberation was a necessity for man from the ego-bound world of consciousness.” C. Rajasingham

This book is an attempt to discover – or rediscover – the past of perhaps the world’s greatest heritage which the author refers to as “condemned to live in a ruthless and apathetic present”.

The traditional Tamil society was unanimous because there was community of ideas and feelings where the whole people represented a single purpose and goal.

The tradition of Tamil concepts in numbers, geography or history is altogether outside profane levels of reference. It calls for a knowledge of cosmic analogies where the functional and symbolic values coincide.

In art, for instance, symbols become an iconography and therefore give meaning to the universal language of art. In their context symbols are metaphysical.

Astrology is connected with the divine or cosmic order which brings out forcibly the meaning that man is not an end in himself and the way of liberation is out of the recurring cycles of birth and death. There is the ever-present reality of Arul (Divine Grace) which is needed to escape the cycle.


This book beautifully explains so many interesting facts about the Tamil (language, people, arts, and culture) and Hinduism (as religion, science, and way of life).

As the author says, this book has been designed to give a new worldview of Tamil culture. Fortunately – the author rationalises – the English language helps us to look into newer horizons.


Preface – I found this part interesting!
Introduction – Explains the context of the book
Beginnings in Saivism
Age and Wisdom of Tamil
Concept of Government
Temple Art and Worship
Sacred Numerology, Geography and History
Tamil Music
Dance Culture in Tamil
Relevance Today of Tamil Social and Economic Concepts
The Growth and Function of Saiva Atheenams
The Aim and Role of Astrology
The Universe: The Mystic’s View
Cause of Decline and Future Prospect
Appendix I – The Tamil King and His Court
Appendix II – Thevaram Period and The Tamil Social Order

Every Tamilian (and non-Tamils too) should read this gem of a book.

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