11 Jan 2017

Women in Modern Tamil Literature

Title: Women in Modern Tamil Literature
Author: Loganayagy Nannithamby
Publisher: University of Malaya
Publication Date: February 1969 (First Edition)
Thickness: 184 pages
Stock: Limited

This book is an attempt to show the relationship between literature and society in the period 1890-1960. This Master of Arts thesis (published as a book) analyses the thought content of Modern Tamil Literature against the background of contemporary social legislation and reformist movements.

The role and the rights of women in society, their freedom and equality with men, their right to education and to politics, and the concept and ideals of womanhood, from which rights and duties originate, are prominent themes in the prose and verse of the first half of the 20th century.

In analysing the literature of this period (1890-1960), Loganayagy also traces the development of the movement for the emancipation of women, and presents the views of individual writers as stated directly or through their characters.

Loganayagy lectured in the Department of Indian Studies, University of Malaya on modern Tamil literature, and on the history of Tamil literature and literary criticism.


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Women and the Playwrights

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