10 Jan 2017

Women in Tamil Society: The Classical Period

Title: Women in Tamil Society: The Classical Period
Author: Devapoopathy Nadarajah
Publisher: University of Malaya
Publication Date: December 1969 (First Edition)
Thickness: 189 pages
Stock: Limited

This book examines a literature which has hitherto remained unexplored with regard to the sociological, psychological and aesthetic information it contains about women. This Master of Arts thesis (published as a book) adds considerably to our knowledge and understanding of the classical age of Tamil culture and civilization – a period which has a fascination all its own.

This study is based primarily on early Tamil literature of the period generally referred to as the classical period of Tamil literature. This literature consists of the Eight Collections (Ettuttokai) and the Ten Idylls (Pattuppattu) – collectively called the Sangam works – Thirukkural, Silappatikaram and Manimekalai. In the Tolkappiyam, the section called the Porulatikaram has also been used for this study.

Devapoopathy graduated from the University of Madras and later obtained an Honours degree in Indian Studies at the University of Malaya. She taught Sanskrit and lectured on Sanskrit literature as well as the literary tradition common to both Tamil and Sanskrit, at the Department of Indian Studies, University of Malaya.


The Womanly Ideal
Courtship and Marriage
Polygyny and Prostitution
Women in Ancient Polity and Economy
Women and Religion
Women and the Fine Arts
Women at Leisure
Dress and Ornaments
Names of Women

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