Sunday, 24 January 2010

Confident & Arrogant!

Confident is an asset everyone strives to have. Yet it is not welcomed by others when they perceive someone as having that quality. After all, nobody likes a smart alec.

It was refreshing to meet him again after all these years. Oh, one has heard of his so-called high and mighty ways, and his backtalk. The truth is: the man is honestly blunt. But while he is assertive, he is very pleasant.


If truth be told, perhaps the snipers can’t take to him because they’re reminded of what they cannot accomplish. He has done what he set out to do when he was 15: to write better than the young adult writers he had been reading, and to write for a thinking public.


Please CLICK HERE to read more of what Dina Zaman (pic) wrote in New Straits Times on 4 July 2001.

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