5 Jan 2017

Chindian Identity Quest

Title: Blurring Boundaries: The Chindian Identity Quest
Author: Rona Chandran
Publication Year: 2016
Publisher: University of Malaya Press
Thickness: 112 pages
Retail Price: RM38.00
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This book is a revelation of the lives of the Malaysian Chindians from an emic perspective. It delves into personal experiences, thoughts and emotions of 31 Chindian individuals who voluntarily participated in this research in an attempt to understand their ethnic identity development. This book provides empirical evidence to shed light on the many erroneous assumptions often held about Chindians. Throughout this book, the lives of the Chindian participants are aptly captured by the author, who manages to share relevant everyday life experiences. This is aimed at exploring how their ethnic identity has developed, with academic vigour while making it accessible to readers at large. It is hoped that this book will be of interest to bi-ethnic individuals, social scientists and engineers, anthropologists, sociologists, parents of bi-ethnic children and the general public. [READ MORE]


Chapter 1 – Introduction: Knowing Us Better
Formal Registration

Chapter 2 – Understanding Ethnic Identity Development

Chapter 3 – When Mother Tongue is Not Father Tongue
Language Fluency
Native Language

Chapter 4 – Realms of Religion
Religion of the Malaysian Chindians
Religious Obligation Among Siblings
Religious Doubts and Second Thoughts

Chapter 5 – A Life Guided by Customs
Customs of the Malaysian Chindians
Non Adherence to Customs
Transmission of Customs by Parents
Preference Towards Customs
Similarities and Differences between Customs

Chapter 6 – The Family Cycle
Paternal Family
Maternal Family

Chapter 7 – People We Call Friends
Indian Friends
Chinese Friends

Chapter 8 – In the Eyes of the Public
Acceptance of the Indian Community
Acceptance of the Chinese Community
Relationships and Encounters
Negative Experiences
Phenotypic Sight System

Chapter 9 – An Identity to Define
Sense of Belonging
Ethnic Identity Claim

Chapter 10 – Conclusion: Accepting Us Better


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