18 Aug 2015

A Cunning Wolf Called Nari

A compilation of Indian folk tales – retold in Bahasa Malaysia – was published in October 2015. It was made possible through sponsors in the form of “paid pre-order” where the collection was used to cover part of the publishing cost – DETAILS HERE.

The book contains nine stories which has proven to be enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults alike. The main character in five of the stories is a cunning wolf named Nari. Trust me – you’d come to finally love this sly guy!

They are all very familiar stories with universal values, but each story has been retold and redefined to cater for the Malaysian readers. For example, in a tale about unity amongst common people, there are three cows – one white, one brown and one black. In another tale, Nari empowers the common people to find their inner strength.

Stereotypical? There’s a catch somewhere for the more alert readers.

Please CLICK HERE for details about the book, in Bahasa Malaysia.